How to Operate Your Motorized Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

For anyone who has never used motorized window treatments, they can seem like something from the future. And indeed, their simplicity and technological advancement does seem straight from the twenty-second century. But one thing Hunter Douglas prides themselves on is making sure that all of their window treatments are easy enough to use that any homeowner would be comfortable with them. With that in mind, the window treatment experts here at AAA Blind & Shade Factory in Virginia Beach, Virginia are going to explain your options for how to operate your Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments.

The Pebble Remote Control

We use remote controls often in our homes: from turning on our TV, to even operating lights or ceiling fans. Remote controls have long been a fixture in American homes. It is for this reason that Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® motorized window treatments can be operated by a remote control. But this is no ordinary remote control: the Pebble is meant to be as technologically forward-thinking as the rest of the PowerView® system. Ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold, as well as being designed to be pleasing to the eye, the Pebble is a twenty-first century remote control from top to bottom. And with a wide array of colors to choose from, your Pebble will look just as great in your home as your Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments.

The Pebble Scene Controller

If you love the design of the Pebble but want more options, then the Pebble Scene Controller is for you. Aside from being able to control the position of your window treatments, you can also program specific arrangements known as “Scenes” and save them to your remote for future use. Whether this is to give you the optimal view of the sunset over Virginia Beach, or to ensure that your child’s afternoon nap is uninterrupted, the Scene Controller gives you an unprecedented level of freedom with your window treatments.

The PowerView® App

For the ultimate in modernity, we have the PowerView® app. Downloaded for free onto your smartphone or tablet, the PowerView® app has all the options of the Pebble Scene Controller but in an even more convenient package: the one you already carry everywhere with you. If you worry about losing a remote control, worry no more. With the PowerView® app your window treatments’ remote control will always be with you. And since it is Wi-Fi enabled, you will be able to control your window treatments from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Do you feel more informed about how to control your Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments? If so, stop by AAA Blind & Shade Factory in Virginia Beach, Virginia today to pick up a set for your home. We also proudly serve the surrounding area, including Chesapeake and Norfolk.