Styling with Sheers and Shadings

Many of us grew up in homes that had blinds or shutters: they’re popular, simple to use window treatments, and they definitely get the job done. But if you’re thinking of doing something different with the window treatments in your home, you might want to consider investing in a set of sheers or shadings from AAA Blind & Shade Factory in Virginia Beach, Virginia. If you haven’t grown up around sheers and shadings, or you aren’t very familiar with them, you may be wondering how to incorporate them into your décor. The professionals at AAA Blind & Shade Factory have some tips to help you.

Embrace Your Softer Side

These aren’t your college dorm’s blackout curtains, and you should be aware of that before you order a set of sheers or shadings. Rather than blocking light, they filter it, so that it comes into your house softly and without the harshness of natural light. This soft light, coupled with the soft fabrics that Hunter Douglas shadings are made of, gives any space a hint of tenderness. Because of this, they are a great design choice for anywhere you want to feel serene and calm, like a nursery, a bathroom, or a master bedroom.

Work with the Light, Not Against It

Because you’re going to be allowing more natural light into your home with sheers or shadings than you would with other types of window treatments, you can harness that light to its greatest effect. Think about the mood you’re hoping to strike in your space: do you want it to be an energetic space centered around activity, like an office or a playroom? Go for a color that reflects light, like yellow, white, or certain pastels. By keeping your space bright, you won’t have time to get sleepy when there are things to do. Do you want your space to be more calm? Go for a color that absorbs light, like deep green, blue, or darker beige tones. By keeping the light reflection to a minimum, you’ll be more able to relax in your space.


Because your sheers or shadings are going to be made of fabric rather than wood, metal, or plastic, you’re going to have a wide variety of choices for how they are going to look. This versatility will allow you to choose a fabric, color, or pattern to match any décor, so let your imagination run wild. If your décor is full of cool neutrals, think about choosing sheers or shadings in a bold pattern. If your design sensibilities are a little more wild, try picking one color from your favorite pattern and getting your sheers or shadings in that hue for an added pop.

Hunter Douglas sheers and shadings are as versatile as they are useful. Their unique light filtering capabilities make them a worthwhile addition to any home. If you want to add them to yours, contact AAA Blind & Shade Factory in Virginia Beach, Virginia today. We also proudly serve Norfolk, Chesapeake, and the surrounding area.